GARDEN FARMING for Town and Country
by Peter Bane 


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The Permaculture Handbook

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The Permaculture Handbook:
Reviewed By Vicki Lipski in the Transition Voice, July 26, 2012

Food's critical path: review of The Permaculture Handbook by Albert Bates, May 9 2012 at his blog: The Great Change

Podcast Review of The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country by Scott Mann.

Blurbs about the book:

"As oil becomes more scare and expensive, society must adapt by re-localizing food systems. The Permaculture Handbook offers us a set of essential conceptual and practical tools for doing this in a way that's intelligent, beautiful, and sustainable. Want to create a better world? Your backyard - and this book - are the places to start." - Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute, Author, The End of Growth, Peak Everything, The Party's Over

"Here is an exquisite design manual for re-inhabiting our towns and cities, transforming them into flourishing and nourishing landscapes that provide food, fiber, energy and community. As you read this book, looking out from time to time at the paved, manicured tracts we've called home, you can almost see the world around you transforming - a fruit tree here, a greenhouse there, a hill of corn, beans, and squash in the corner, a photovoltaic array that charges your electric bicycle nearby. We are not in an era of despair, of coming apart. We are in an era of creativity where strong seeds grow in the very cracks in the concrete of our old way of living. I applaud Peter for the wisdom, intelligence and hard work he has invested in his detailed, beautiful map of the land of permaculture." - Vicki Robin, author Your Money or Your Life and Blessing the Hands that Feed Us

"With a lifetime of Permaculture immersion under his belt, Peter Bane's contribution to domestic self-reliant security in this comprehensive handbook is nothing short of remarkable. This will empower thousands of seekers to move off the bleachers and into the game. He balances beautifully the right amount of intensive ecological information with delightful case studies and practical outworkings. A gem of a manual. Thank you, Peter." - Joel Salatin, Author, Farmer

"The Permaculture Handbook is worth reading and rereading not only for its depth of insight but also for its storytelling charm. Peter Bane's reflections on community-based efforts to realize permaculture's potential across entire landscapes helps us realize that this set of design principles are not vague abstractions, but something that we can smell, taste and see before our eyes." - Gary Paul Nabhan, ethnobotanist, writer, permaculture orchardkeeper, seed saver. Author of The Desert Smells Like Rain, Where Our Food Comes From, Coming Home to Eat

"There are a lot of people out there who want to know how to begin making a better world, but don't know where to begin. I can't think of a better starting point for someone who wants to restore and transform their place than Peter Bane's Permaculture Handbook. Bane has taken the single most urgent question of our times, "How shall we live?" and given a real and viable answer. - Sharon Astyk, writer, farmer, teacher and author of Making Home, A Nation of Farmers, Depletion and Abundance

"A book to carry us through Eden, this keen, comprehensive design guide with its wisdom and instruction will be indispensable to any household aiming at flourishing, soil-based self-reliance. The practice is permaculture and Peter is a true master. - Stephanie Mills, author of On Gandhi's Path and Epicurean Simplicity

"The wealth of practical knowledge in The Permaculture Handbook is a welcome addition to North America's canon of books on permaculture design, and will serve other regions as well. Peter Bane's broad and well-tested experience in ecological living, expressed here in clear and engaging prose, will guide homeowners, gardeners, and small farmers toward designing and lining in lushly productive and harmonious landscapes." - Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia's Garden

"Peter Bane's characteristic generosity and mastery are on display in the long-anticipated encyclopedia of permaculture knowledge and lore. The Permaculture Handbook offers a thorough treatment of the design principles and patterns that of necessity precede the positive, practical, and profitable solutions that are the hallmark of permaculture design. Bill Mollison famously taught that we can create the "Garden of Eatin'". Peter Bane shows us how. - Claude William Genest, Former Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada, Producer / Host of the Emmy nominated PBS series "Regeneration: The Art of Sustainable Living

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